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Before anything else we are a makeup artist and fashion stylist. Our careers are about making people look great and feel confident, which is easy when you're a twenty something model or a fashion savvy celeb. So we know about the pressure to keep up and yes sometimes we find it hard too, but first and foremost we believe that style can be applied at any age. After years of being asked, "Where can I buy?" and "How can I?" we decided to start The Grown Up Edit. It will give you an insight into our expertise and we will share our tips, tricks and trends for everyday life. You may not always agree but hopefully you'll find some inspiration along the way.


Wendy & Dani x




About Wendy Turner
I have been a hair and makeup artist for over twenty years. I'm from Manchester, I spent my twenties and thirties traveling the world on photographic shoots and living in London. At the age of forty I finally met my man which brought me to living in Lewes, East Sussex. Still loving London for work (not always the commute) and the odd bit of pleasure. 

What makes me tick
Mr Griffiths, Jesse & Draper my cats, red wine (ying) and my nutribullet (yang), cashmere, red lipstick and the seaside. 

My style
The one thing I've always invested in is my skincare, whether it's an expensive face cream or a budget organic oil, quality is the key. As I've moved into my forties, my signature makeup has definitely changed. My smokey eyes have been replaced with a red lip and the curls – well they never change! 

Brand obsessions..
Sisley, A'kin, Armani, Tom Ford, Kerastase and L'Oréal  


About Dani Hides
Growing up in the leafy suburbs of Surrey and now living in London. My career as a fashion stylist began at Marie Claire magazine but in my mid twenties I took the plunge in to the freelance world and never looked back. Now in my 30s my days are spent working across a multitude of brands and publications. By night I can be found residing in my newly purchased flat, obsessing and debating over home improvements vs the new pair of shoes that I just can't live without. 

What makes me tick
My newly wed 'Tinder' husband, believe it or not the right swipe came up trumps! Feline company in any shape or form and Sunday afternoons spent exploring new places and rummaging around antique shops.

My style
After years of experimenting during my 20s chasing the latest trends and styles the penny finally dropped that investing is key! Cashmere, Coats and luxury accessories are my wardrobe staples these days. It's all in the details.

Brand Obsessions
Zara, & Other Stories, Cos, Uniqlo, Free People, J.Crew