Hand luggage only. Three little words that you would think might send a fashion stylist in to turmoil right? Wrong. After years of packing for editorial shoots abroad when the stylist is only allowed personal items to be checked in as hand luggage I’ve become somewhat a pro. Only to be applied to short haul trips (5 days max) it’s actually my first choice for travel as it avoids a lot of painstaking queues and lost luggage dilemmas. Of course it does take some planning and forward thinking, but is 100 percent worth it when you stroll straight in to the airport and on to duty free.

So here’s how it’s done….
First of all break it down in to how many days you’re travelling for and the vibe of your location.

Then decide on a colour palette to suit making sure you keep everything tonal so that it can be mixed and matched for day & night.

Lay everything out and begin to edit. I tend to limit myself to two pieces of each item for weekend trips and three for longer.

Bring one statement piece that can be worn for day or night. Just something super special or new to make you feel uber chic.

Opt for lightweight fabrics that don’t take up too much room and are as crease free as possible.

Only bring two bikinis that can be mixed and matched or one great black swimsuit.

A cashmere jumper is a must to ward off the evening chill but this can be travelled in along with your ‘goes with everything’ leather jacket.

For shoes one pair of open toe sandals and one closed toe. Plus Converse or Stan Smiths for travelling.

One day to night clutch bag should do with an oversized tote bag used for the airport that can also double up for the beach.

Select your underwear in accordance to your outfits to avoid over packing and just one pair of classic sunnies that will work with it all.

Finally the perk to that pesky ‘no liquids over 100ml’ rule means you can’t pack the entire contents of the bathroom cabinet. Stick to the essentials and stock up on the miniatures at Boots once you’ve passed through security.

Now for the packing…
Buy in to a good quality travel case. It’s an investment that will see you through many years to come and make your travelling experience that little more easy.

Start with bulky items like shoes at the bottom and fill them with smaller items such as sunglasses, earphones or undies.

Then its time to roll. You will fit way more in to your case and avoid a whole lot of creases by employing the roll technique over the fold. Role tightly and slot in like jigsaw pieces.

Lastly place your flat items on top and toiletries in to the front zip compartment and you’re good to go.