Nude nails


The drama of trying to find your nail colour of the season! Or is that just me? Well, the look for this Spring/Summer is nude looking nails, beige to be specific. While this can often be perceived as boring, it’s definitely not and it’s leaving all the fancy nail art behind. With their glossy, opaque finish your nails look fashionable without the effort. Beige is neutral, so can be matched with any other colour, so no need to worry about coordinating your outfit or lipstick. The added bonus of these nearly naked nails is that chipping doesn't look obvious either. All good reasons why it’s been one of my favourite colours for years.

But be warned, you have to get the tone of colour right. The wrong colour can make your hands look pale and your nails dirty. Get it right and your nails will look stylish and chic. Here’s a quick tip to help understand your skin tone be it either cool, warm or neutral: if you like to wear silver jewellery then you are cool or If you like to wear gold then you are warm. If you suit both then you are neutral and can wear either.

So after our research, her are The Grown Up Edit's best brands, skin tones and colour.