Facial oils

Image:    Twenty6 magazine    . Photography by Jason Hetherington.       Makeup by Wendy Turner   .

Image: Twenty6 magazine. Photography by Jason Hetherington. Makeup by Wendy Turner.

Facial oils are a product everyone should have in their bathroom cabinet. After first discovering them in my late twenties, using them a little more sparingly then for flights and after a few too many drinks, let’s say. I discovered how incredible they were at rehydrating and repairing my skin. As the years moved on they have become part of my daily routine: day and night before my moisturiser (needs must these days!). They have so many amazing qualities: rehydration, healing, anti-ageing, nourishing the skin and leaving you with a smooth, radiant complexion. 

One of the myths about using an oil which often puts people off, is if your skin type is oily it will increase this problem. This is not true. In fact your skin is often oily because it’s dry and is over producing sebum to compensate, so if anything it will balance your skin. Oils should be used all year round: in summer, for their healing qualities and in winter when the cold and central heating takes its toll and leaves your skin dehydrated and dry. Dependant on your skin type, or the brand you chose will dictate whether you use it twice daily or just in the evenings. It’s a must during a flight and you will be amazed at the difference. My last tip, if your skin feels dry in the day, rub some oil into your hands and gently press them into your face. It won’t disturb your makeup and will help bring back a youthful glow.

So here are my best buys with different budgets to suit everyone.