Get the glow


Who doesn’t want healthy glowing skin? It doesn’t matter how old you are, six months of the cold, harsh winter months with central heating and no vitamin D can really take its toil on your skin. So to help you achieve that radiant, glowing skin, see below my step by step routine using all my favourite products. The Grown Up Edit have made your life even easier, just watch our 'Get the glow' video tutorial. 

Always prep your skin with moisturiser before applying any makeup. This will combat any dryness, protect your skin from the sun and pollution. This will give your first layer to getting that glow.

Primer and foundation
It’s so important to use a primer, it will help smooth out your skin and your makeup will last longer. Always use a primer that has an illuminator. Next your foundation: use a tinted moisturiser or oil based foundation to keep your skin looking dewy. If your skin looks a little pale or washed out, you can use a shade darker but make sure you spread it thinly.

This is where you get rid of all the imperfections, blemishes and darkness under the eyes. To brighten up your complexion, you can even add some between your eyebrows and around the sides of your nostrils.

Contour and Highlighter
Now let’s add some dimension to your face. The darker contour will add depth, help bring out those cheekbones and jaw line or help narrow the nose. It can also be used to give the illusion of a tan if you apply it in the same places where you would naturally tan a shade darker.  The highlighter illuminates your skin so you will look radiant and glowing.

By adding a little touch of colour, blusher gives you that healthy 'pinch on your cheeks' look. Ideally use a cream blusher and make sure you don’t put too much on.  However if you have any imperfections or open pores, then use a powder blusher.  Use a soft natural colour with a touch of pink (cold) or peach (warm) depending on your skin tone.

Finally add the powder. Use a very fine blotting powder or a translucent one. This only needs to be applied to your t-zone, so the soft shine remains on the rest of your skin.