Natural healing beauty


Sometimes nature just knows what's best. As a beauty product, they can be one of life's miracles. Now that may sound a little cheesy but there have been a few occasions when I have trusted this and it didn't let me down. The more recent one would be where my husband to be was rather over excited on a bike ride, six days before our wedding. It ended in his face being wrapped in brambles. So to prevent Laurie looking like he'd been attacked by a wild animal on our wedding day, out came my lotions and potions. I gave him arnica and vitamin E oil. On his face I applied a layer of vitamin E oil and then several layers of Paw Paw cream throughout the day. Well you can see the results yourself.

Another occasion was when I broke my leg. I took as much Arnica as I could. The doctors at the hospital said I would be in plaster for 8 weeks. I went to have my plaster changed at five and half weeks, it had healed. Let’s say I wasn’t the only one shocked. Well I won’t bore you with any more tales of how clumsy I am. So here’s what’s in The Grown Up Edit's cupboard and why.

GROOVY FOOD Coconut oil £5.99
It heals on the inside and the outside. It's and anti-inflammatory for your digestive system and makes most foods taste delicious. Outside it soothes skin and works as an amazing moisturiser. It also makes a great hair mask, just be sure to give it a thorough shampoo. 

 HOLLAND AND BARRETT Vitamin E oil £8.49
This has the most healing properties for the skin of any oil. Amazing for scars, just make sure you use it when your skin has done its first stage of healing and there is no broken skin.

MIAROMA Lavender oil £8.49
It's great at helping you through those restless nights sleep. Pop it in your bath or on your pillow. It's also a healing product for burns, as long as there is no broken skin.

TIGER BALM Red Ointment £4.35
You can sooth away those aching muscles. Helps you breath more easily when congested. Also great for stopping the itch on mosquito bites. 

PAPAYA GOLD Paw Paw Balm £5.99
A wonderful healer. The list is endless. It quickly heals chapped skin, rashes, burns, cuts and nappy rash. It can also just be used as a perfect lip balm. 

WELEDA Arnica £4.99
This has amazing healing properties, inside and out. If you've had an operation, broken a bone, or have a sprain or any injury, this is a must. It comes in a cream and tablet form. Take both where you can.

DOVES Bicarbonate of soda £1.55
This is a great facial scrub. With no jagged edges on the grains so it's gentle and effective.

MIAROMA Tea tree oil £4.99
Is a great antiseptic. Dab onto your cold sore with a cotton bud and it will dry it out. Or use diluted on a cotton bud for spots. Also a great relief to mosquito bites. 

NEAL'S YARD Oganic Argon Oil £17.50
Another incredible anti-ageing moisturiser for skin. Also great for hair, nails and cuticles. You need to buy the most organic and Virgin one you can find.