Perfecting your curls


People often say how blessed I am to have curly hair. I used to feel more genetically challenged! My curls suddenly appeared at the age of 12. Let's say there were a few tricky years ahead. Trying to find the best way to tame those curls wasn't easy, resulting in a cupboard full, of barely used products, never mind the hours spent trying to control the never ending battle with frizz. 

The best way to describe curly hair is moody. You can do exactly the same treatment process, always perfected your curls, yet somehow, one day, they will decide to be unruly. Lucky for us technology has moved on, and with my 30 years experience, I’m here to show you how I can give you a 95% hit rate. Just being realistic, like I said, curls like to misbehave! There is no shortage of products designed for curly haired women. So in an effort to keep things simple and inexpensive, I have chosen my favourites. I will advise you on the best plan of attack, for different hair textures and guide you through, step-by-step.

There are so many types of curls, from waves to corkscrew. Each one in my eyes deserves a separate blog, as they should all be treated differently. So today on The Grown Up Edit we're about spirals and ringlets.  

Shampoo and Conditioner
Curly hair is often dry and thirsty, so specialised shampoos and conditioners have been developed for this. This is the first stage of controlling the frizz! Shampoo and condition your hair upside down. This will help keep your curls even to the roots. First rub the shampoo into your roots and just let it rinse through the ends. Next, put a generous amount of conditioner onto your hair and comb it through with a wide tooth comb. Rinse thoroughly and again comb it through upside down. Put your head back up and comb the bottom half of your hair down your neck. Now you will see the curls bind together. Squeeze any excess moisture out (never rub your hair with a towel). 

Conditioning Treatment
This is an intensive conditioner and should be used once a week. Curly hair is often dry and brittle and it will help prevent your hair from snapping and help it grow. My hair is very dry due to colouring it, so I use it like an normal conditioner. This isn’t for everyone. Try it for a week and see how you go. Another option is to put some coconut oil or argon oil, on the ends of your hair before bed.

Heat Protecting Product
This isn’t a must, but if your hair is damaged or coloured I would advise it. Apply it from the mid-length to the ends.

Curling Products
Again, put your head upside down. Rub the recommended amount of product into the palms of your hands and gently stroke it through your curls. When you have finished, squeeze your hair into your fists. You may find that the recommended amount of product wasn’t enough, It will be trial and error for a couple of weeks, until you find the perfect amount. 

Drying your hair

ALWAYS use a diffuser. Flip your head upside down and diffuse right from the roots and mid-length, then dry the ends. Drying it thoroughly to completely lock in the volume.

Curly hair usually doesn't need hairspray and can often make the hair more brittle. But if like me,  you need help in keeping the volume on top, then just spray a little on your roots.

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