6 tips to volumize your hair

Image:    Fleur Of England    Photography    Louise Sameulsen         Makeup and Hair     Wendy Turner

Image: Fleur Of England Photography Louise Sameulsen Makeup and Hair Wendy Turner

Adding volume to hair, is something I put into practice most days at work. Like Roxy (above), some women struggle with fine or lifeless hair. Luckily after years of working as a hairstylist, I can show you how the right techniques and products can help everyone achieve, thicker, fuller, more voluminous hair.

I do have one last thing to add before I share The Grown Up Edit’s tips. If there's been a sudden change in your hair’s condition, for instance, hair loss, oily or feeling lank, I would advise going to your doctors. It could be hormones or an other kind of medical condition – so best to get that checked out.

Only use conditioner from your mid-length to your ends
I would definitely advise you buy a specialist shampoo and conditioner, one that will add volume or thicken your hair. Shampoo your hair thoroughly in the roots to stimulate the hair follicles and avoid the roots with your conditioner, as this will only weigh your hair down.

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Use a thickening spray and dry your hair upside down
Choose the right styling product. Use a thickening spray all through your damp hair. Put plenty on your roots, this will help support the shaft of your hair and boost those roots. Dry your hair upside down. This will automatically lift your hair from the roots, which is exactly where you want them to be. If you struggle with your ends in this position, you can always finish them with your head up.

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Use Velcro rollers
Everyone always seems to forget about these – I guess they are a little 70’s! When putting them in, you don't have to be too neat, just throw them in. Use your fingers to grab some hair, spray on some setting spray, and wind your hair round them. You may find you only need to pop six in, around the crown of your head. Add a little heat with your hairdryer, and leave them in for 20 minutes. An ideal opportunity to do your makeup! 

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Use a dry shampoo on your roots
Spray dry shampoo onto your roots, It will absorb any access oil, add a little coating onto the hair shaft, therefore creating volume. Batiste is an old classic, but still one of my favourites. It comes in different colours too, which definitely helps if you have dark hair. If you still don't feel this is giving you quite enough volume, you can try a dust. This will definitely give your roots a boost. But beware, the texture isn't for everyone, it has a very chalky feeling about it.

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Tease your root
This is a great way to put volume in your roots. Hold a taught section of hair, use a comb a couple of inches from your scalp, and push down towards the scalp. Do these quick strokes three or four times. To keep the volume there, spray a little hairspray on the teased areas.

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Colour your hair
So If all else fails, you can colour your hair. Not only does colour help to disguise grey hairs and add warmth to your complexion but it can also help thicken your hair. To put it simply, it opens up the hair cuticle so slightly thickening the hair shaft. The hair shaft isn’t quite so silky now either, making it easier to absorb products and hold the volume for longer. It doesn't have to be a full head colour. You can just add highlights or a semi-permanent.