Alkaline your diet


I hope I’ve managed to keep your attention past the heading. I know all the faddy diet talks can be a little tiring and overwhelming. But this is interesting, promise! Two years ago I went to the doctors after being ill for months. I had a cold and fevers monthly, constipation, constant cystitis, tiredness, fatigue, and the final problem was prickly heat. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me. Only offering me food allergy tests, which I knew had nothing to do with it. So I decided to go down the homeopathic route. Strangely, three people had recommended the same Dr Raj, one being Jasmine who is one half of the very knowledgeable foodie duo, Hemsley and Hemsley . 

Within 10 minutes of walking into his office he had identified what was wrong with me. So I’ll get the ugly bit out of the way first, I had a leaky gut!!!!  I only wish it had a slightly more polite name. After two hours of tests and chat, from diet to lifestyle and all my family medical history he told me what it was, what had caused it and how to fix it. So it seems I had thinned the lining of my small intestine, so much so that it was permeable, some food particles were leaking into my blood stream. My body was then trying to filter, get rid of it, any which way it could, which is why I had all those symptoms. Dr Raj believes 25% of cases that walk through a GP’s office are because of this and all antibiotics do is make it worse. The most interesting point for me is that 80% of your immune system comes from your digestive system, no wonder I was in trouble.

So how to fix it. I had to alkaline my diet as much as possible. For the first three months it was very strict: no caffeine, alcohol, sugars including fruit, wheat, red meat and so on. Afterwards, I slowly introduced a small amount of the foods I mentioned.  I needed to maintain it for two years to fully heal the lining. Now I’m no saint and lets say keeping on the waggon wasn’t easy. So Dr Raj gave great advice and said think 20/80: 80% good, 20% naughty. This is definitely more achievable especially for someone like me!  Within a week I felt significantly better and after four months like my old self. Two years on and I’ve just had my first Winter with not a cold or virus in sight, pretty amazing. 


So my quick daily tips, limit caffeine to one cup, every morning drink an alkaline Nutribullet smoothie (e.g. cucumber, lemon juice, watermelon, apple and spinach), eat slowly (another tricky one for me). Finally only have a couple of glasses of red wine twice a week, not five, shame. If you want to drink more booze then pick something with low sugar content like vodka lime and soda. Here are some websites to help you start and of course the marvellous Dr Raj.  To cook, Hemsley and Hemsley. Rense to have a list of alkaline and acidic forming foods, .