Winter skin rescue

WINTER SKIN RESCUE - The grown Up Edit

I can honestly say this is not the time of year where I look my best. Unfortunately it’s the time of year where months of cold wind and central heating really start to take their toll on your skin. So like a thief, the elements will steal any moisture they can, leaving you with chapped lips, flakey skin and crow's feet that seemed to have doubled overnight. Moisturising your skin requires more than a cream in winter. I’ll show you how to give your normal beauty regime an extra boost to help your skin recover with oils, balms and face masks, all tried and tested by The Grown Up Edit. We’ll help you get the glow back in your skin so you can look radiant again. We also have a makeup tutorial to keep your skin glowing all day.  We hope you enjoy it, all the products are listed here

Facial Oil
Oils are soothing, hydrating, healing and will even balance oily skin. I use one all-year-round, it’s a must in winter if you don’t use one. You should use morning and night and then moisturise on top to seal the oil in. 

 CLARINS  Blue Orchid Face Treatment  £32
A’KIN Rose Hip Oil £16.45

Multipurpose Balm
Balms are a winter rescue must have. Keep it constantly with you in your handbag. It’s multi-purpose and can be used on lips, cuticles, hands, feet, elbows, red noses from colds and can even be used to control your eyebrows. I love to use a little as an eye cream around lunch time or face cream on a very dry day.

PAW PAW £5.99

Face Mask
Face masks will give your thirsty, dull skin a real boost. Leaving you with plumped-up luminous complexion. It really will make a dramatic difference. Use at least once a week, if needed you can use one every day.

CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Over Night Mask £30
SISLEY Hydra-Flash £121

Hand Cream
Hand cream has become a good friend of mine in my forties. In winter it’s something I just can’t live without. It will definitely help any dry cuticles and scaly hands, or is that just me? A great time to apply hand cream is in the evening before you go to bed so it has plenty of time to work it’s magic. Personally it’s always in my handbag and gets reapplied all day.