Easy undone waves


When it comes to hair, we all want what we can’t have – ladies with straight hair always seem to want curls or waves. Undone waves never seems to go out of fashion. Done right, your hair will look thicker, healthier and sexier! No wonder it’s so popular with my clients on photoshoots. It’s a style that looks great for every occasion which is why it’s as popular on the red carpet as it’s in every day life, in a pair of jeans. This look also looks great with a bob, long hair and even a fringe, giving body, texture and movement. The added bonus of this hair style, is once you’ve mastered it, it won’t take more than 10 minutes to do and can be a great rescue for that second day hair with a little help from our secret friend, dry shampoo.

Taking a curling tong to your hair can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. Armed with a little knowledge and the right products, you’ll be curling your hair like a pro in no time. So using my 20 years experience I’ve created a video tutorial with the help of Dani which will see you on your way. 

Images courtesy of Pinterest