7 need to know brands for the frugal bride to be


Weddings can be an expensive business and if like me you'd prefer to spend your money stocking the bar and booking a great band then the high street could be your saving Grace. There's been a huge rise in cool girl brides in recent years that don't feel the need to spend thousands on a dress that they'll hopefully only be wearing once. Luckily the high street has tuned in to this and there are now an abundance of amazing bridal options on every high street corner. The Topshop dress above is what I've chosen for my bridesmaids this August and I'm so impressed with the fabric, quality and cut. It looks so much more expensive than it's £85 price tag. Below is a round up of some of our faves.

The first of the Eco brands to make us all swoon. This is the ultimate for the cool girl bride and you'll also be doing your bit for the environment too.

The online giant has branched in to bridal wear and it's got us rethinking an evening outfit change. At these prices it's bridal fashion that you can have fun with.

3. Free People
This one is for the bohemian beach brides or anyone with a destination wedding. Our go to holiday brand is now fulfilling all of our whimsical wedding dreams.

With a mixture of modern contemporary designs and more vintage styles too, Phase Eight is no longer just a mother of the bride contender. 

The highly anticipated bridal collection has landed and it's beyond amazing. Modern, sleek and minimal it's saved the day with my bridesmaid dresses.

Following their mainline design ethos, Whistles bridal collection is designed with the modern bride in mind. Think timeless designs with 'of the moment' details and touches.

Needle And Thread are our first port of call when shopping for a wedding guest outfit and now they've got the bridal party covered too. If you like embroidery and embellishment with out being too girly then this is the brand for you.