Body oil breakdown

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So it’s that time of year where hopefully we’ll be baring our skin. Now I’m not sure about you but some parts of my body resemble something of a reptile after winter.  The cold winter months can really dry out your skin leaving it dehydrated and flakey. A quick fix to resolve this is with a body oil. Oils provide your skin with the moisture and hydration it needs to recover. They also prevent moisture from leaving the body, so will prevent any future dehydration and damage. 

BODY OIL BREAKDOWN - The Grown Up Edit.jpg

I’ve always had a bit of a thing for the nourishing touch of a body oil. The ritual of applying started in my early thirties when I saw the first signs of ageing on my chest. You know the lines that appear in-between your boobs after you’ve slept. I remember the morning I felt slightly traumatised because they hadn’t disappeared after my shower. This is when I received great advice from a friend, “You must apply a body oil to your neck, chest and hands every night before bed. The main areas that will forever show the signs of ageing.” It really has helped reduce my lines. I now use it all over my body, most months of the year. And if I'm feeling a little lazy I just pop a few drops into my bath. This can also work wonders on keeping my skin soft and moisturised.

I’m sure once you start using a body oil you'll struggle using anything else. Here’s why - the skin that covers your body from the neck down, makes up 91% of the surface area of the skin. Your skin, the busy organ that it is, absorbs close to 60% of what you put on it. Most lotions are around 65% water and 35% oils. Where as body oils are made of oils alone, without the water component. Why would you get out of the shower, dry off all the water from your skin and then apply a product that is 65% water?

BODY OIL BREAKDOWN - The Grown Up Edit  .jpg

Some oils  have the ability to nourish both your body and hair. They can be ideal as an all over hair treatment or just to use on your dry ends. This makes it a great product to take on your holiday as it’s three in one - hair oil, hair protection and body oil.

Stretch Marks
So it doesn’t matter whether you’re pregnant, experiencing weight fluctuations or a growth spurt, stretch marks are a universal and unisex problem. Stretch marks, as the name suggests, occur when skin is stretched quicker than normal. When this happens collagen and elastin, which keeps skin supple, struggles to produce at the same rate as the stretching, which tears the middle layer, or dermis, of the skin. They begin as red or purple marks, which fade to silvery white lines and a slight groove in the surface of the skin. It's for this reason that people with darker skin often have the most prominent stretch marks. 

Using body oil is a must as far as I’m concerned during pregnancy. Now oils won’t stop you from getting stretch marks as they're predominantly  genetic and it depends how much weight you gain in pregnancy. What I can say for sure is that oils will help keep your skin in the best possible condition while it stretches. Keeping it soft and supple so your skin feels more comfortable. So the truth is there’s no way to avoid them entirely but you can make the marks you have less visible once they appear by using a good quality oil.

Here are some of our favourite oils that will keep your skin healthy and glowing.

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1. BY SARAH Organic Body Oil £32.00
This Organic, Vegan Body Oil is a blend of deeply nourishing, organic, cold-pressed oils to soften and hydrate your skin all-year round. Each ingredient has been selected to perform a specific function for the skin and there is nothing hidden, artificial or synthetic. With no added fragrance or essential oils. It is also well suited for mums-to-be. It softens the skin, helping to prevent stretch marks. This was one of Dani’s favourites in her pregnancy. Her skin is very sensitive and this oil has helped to calm her skin where most others would irritate.

2. CAUDELÍE Devine Oil £28.00
Caudalíe Divine Oil can nurture the skin's natural recovery processes and combat signs of environmental damage. Smooth on this dry oil for a body that exudes a soft dewy glow and feels incredible to the touch. Divine Oil is a multi-purpose dry oil. It’s a great morning oil for your skin, you can apply it and get dressed immediately without any worry about it transferring on to your clothes. This being one of the main reasons why Dani loves used it it during her pregnancy.

3. Bio Oil £19.99
Bio-Oil contains numerous ingredients that help to plasticise the skin, making it softer, smoother and more supple, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkled and sagging skin. Bio-Oil also moisturises, which improves the texture, tone and appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks. This was the first body oil I ever used and still one of my favourites. I often apply it on my neck and chest area before bedtime. 

4. MAMITA Revitalising Oil For The Body And Hair £35.00
This oil contains achiote and rosemary essential oils known for their antioxidant properties. Sweet almond, jojoba and olive oil provide fatty acids that moisturise, clean and nourish both the skin and hair. Essential oils of grapefruit and lavender tonify and create a feeling of freshness and wellness. It really will leave your skin feeling incredibly soft.

5. PHYTO Baobab Oil £24.00
Baobab Oil is a luxurious, multi-purpose oil that can be used on hair, scalp, and body to nourish, regenerate and protect. 99% botanical, it's a unique blend of some of the most beneficial oils nature has to offer and has a sun-kissed fragrance. The fast-absorbing formula is heavy on benefits yet so lightweight, you can use it daily to keep hair soft, shiny and disciplined. It also provides sun protection for hair and protects against free radicals, which can cause damage and frizz.

6. GROOVY FOOD Organic Coconut Oil £5.99
There’s no denying that there are a number of benefits of coconut oil for skin. This raw and unprocessed stuff is full of goodness. It’s packed with vitamin E, proteins, lauric, capric and caprylic acids (known for their anti-fungal properties – nice). It can be used on your face, body and hair. It also has the added bonus of being great value for money.