How to make your makeup last longer

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The weather is heating up, which is great for our happiness, but not so good for our make-up. Well to be honest central heating in the depths of winter isn’t very useful either. Over the years professionally I’ve had to tackle all these problems.

by Wendy Turner


Now it’s become a little personal too since I hit my forties. As your skin changes and your wrinkles evolve, make up just doesn’t seem to have the same endurance. To help you stay on top of the game you need to invest in some pre and post application heroes. These products and a few tips and tricks from me will help your makeup stay put and give you the ultimate longevity.  

Use the correct moisturiser
Ever noticed that your makeup starts to collect into fine lines and creases come mid-morning? Hydration levels and sebum production fluctuate through the day causing your skin to look more uneven. This is why it’s so important to balance your skin with the correct moisturiser. If your skin is dry then try putting a few drops of oil on your skin in the evening (morning too if it's very dry) and then seal it in with your favourite moisturiser. I love Botanyblend Oils. If your skin has the opposite problem and is oily then I recommend  Origins Original Skin Matte Moisturiser. If your skin is sensitive then try Kewekō Calming Moisturiser

Use a primer
I can not stress how important a primer is if you want your makeup to stay put! Primer 'seals in' your moisturiser and provides a smooth, even surface for makeup. Not only this, it keeps your makeup from being absorbed so your skin is constantly hydrated throughout the day. Think of primer as a barrier for your face. Try Smash Box if you like a flawless photo finish. On their sight they will guide you through everything your skin desires - from what type of skin you have to the finish you want. If you’re like me and want a very light luminous finish that has a barely-there look then I love Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer Skin Illuminator. Lastly if your complexion is uneven or you would like your skin to look brighter then try Sisley Instant Correct Colour correcting Primer

Try an eye primer
The correct eye primer will banishes the signs of tiredness, make your eye make-up look and feel stunning and help your eye make up last longer. I love Secret Light Invisible concealer and eye makeup primer from Cosmetics à La Carte. It’s an Invisible crease-free coverage that comes in several colours to suit you with the added bonus that it can also be used as a light concealer. 

Use a long wear product
Long-wear makeup is so-called for a reason; good ones boast budge-free formulas without looking heavy. Try the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear range that covers everything from gel eyeliner to mascara and their Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation. I'm also a huge fan of anything Sisley. They have an amazing collection of long lasting, all-day long, waterproof eye colours. I love there Phyto Eye Twist and Photo Khol Star. These will be smudge proof for anyone. They've become my go-to since my eyes have aged.

Prep and prime your pout
This is something of a must when you hit you forties especially if you want to wear a bold lipstick. It will perfect your lips, stop any bleeding and help your lipstick stay put! I was introduced to Plump and Prime by the owner and creator of Cosmetics à la Carte and I can’t recommend it enough, its a game changer. If you look at our review of Plump and Prime you can see how it’s also a product that can be used as a gentle filler in all your fine line areas.

Don’t forget to powder
For longevity, always seal your makeup with a powder to help it stay put. While people remember to set foundation on the t-zone, concealer in is often neglected but a gentle sweep to set your under-eye makeup will keep bags at bay longer. One of my favourites for an invisible finish is MAC Prep and Prime Transparent Finish Powder. And if that doesn’t suit MAC will have one for for any skin coverage or finish.

Blot, Don’t Reapply
While it's tempting to top-up your makeup throughout the day, go easy as too much powder can look cakey and leave a heavy finish. Build-up can also increase you pore size and surface dehydration in the long run, so focus on the prevention as I’ve said. Or if you have oily skin or particularly oily T-zone then try investing in some Blotting Pads. I often send my celebrity clients away with these when they’re off to a special event. Try the Boots Skin Clear Blotting Papers.


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