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I’ve always thought there is a gap in the market with buying art. There are lots of would-be-collectors that just can’t afford established artists’ work, and I’m one of them.  

by Wendy Turner

My husband and I are always keen to find up-and-coming new artists in the hope of buying some of their work and enjoying it in our home. Unfortunately, these can be hard to source. We’ve found a couple of pieces going to Photo London, The Affordable Art Fair and the RA Summer Exhibition, but it isn’t always easy as often they’re only on for a weekend and more often than not, the affordable ones have already been sold.

Painting nudes is a hobby of mine so I’m often searching through social media for inspiration. With the wonders of Instagram I stumbled across a beautiful nude painting by Alexandria Coe. I loved it and immediately Googled her which led me to a wonderful site called Partnership Editions that sells her work and a whole bunch of other amazing artists. As I searched through it, I could see that all the art was affordable and it all made sense after reading about the site’s founder, Georgia Spray. It seems sourcing those new artists has just been made a whole lot easier with Partnership Editions.

Tired of the elitism of the art world, and after having received continued enquiries from peers unable to find good quality affordable art for their homes, Georgia Spray founded Partnership Editions which aims to make remarkable art affordable for all.
— Partnership Editions

Each artwork has been made exclusively for Partnership Editions. All are handmade and signed by the artist. Limited editions are released in varied print runs, never exceeding /50, ensuring their collectibility. We also offer a range of one-of-a-kind artworks

Affordable Pricing
Artworks range from £50 - £1,000, making this a fantastic opportunity for young and emerging collectors and for unique gifts. We also work with interior designers to source artworks to spec.

Partnership Editions works collaboratively with some of today’s most exciting emerging to mid-career artists to produce limited edition prints and multiples as well as affordable unique works of art. We want to make art accessible to all levels of collector as well as to give emerging artists a platform to experiment with new mediums and engage and evolve with new audiences.
— Partnership Editions

Below are some of my favourite artists from Partnership Editions but there are several more on their site so I encourage you to take a look.

Alexandria Coe
The main subject of her work is the female nude. She focuses upon the simplification of the human form, exploring the depth of expression that is possible with minimalist mark-making. Her style is adapted to convey a neutral view of the female form via drawing. Always working in series, she creates collections of drawings that interact with each other to stimulate a feeling of sensuality and sexuality; exploring the subtle differences between what it is to be nude and to be naked. 

David Hardy
Now working and living in Wales, David takes inspiration from his surrounding landscapes. His work focuses on composition and arrangement of colour in a subtle, reductive and minimal way that draws inspiration from the natural landscape and organic forms.

Hester Finch
Hester works in a variety of media, from oil paint to pastel, concentrating primarily on nudes and landscapes. Her work is utterly captivating in its power to lure us in with her technical skill and her use of bright and inviting colours, and then trap us in a claustrophobic, often-nightmarish world. She says: "I paint figures and landscapes which are linked by a common distorted reality." 

Nude on Purple with Blue Wall and Blue Plant £475.00
Nude on Turquoise with Peach Ground and Net Curtain £475.00
Standing Nude on Yellow with Blue Curtain £475.00

Lisa Hardy
Lisa has a skill for combining beautiful colour pairings with minimalist mark-making, creating organic abstractions that capture the essence of different seasons, scents, memories and flora and fauna that we associate with the countryside. Her work has a soothing and calming effect on the viewer, allowing us to each call to mind a different experience or mood brought about by colours and plants.


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