Tropic Skincare review


I’m still trying to work out how my radar missed Tropic Skincare – after all it’s everything I love. No toxic chemicals, vegan and natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced. 

by Wendy Turner


I was introduced to Tropic Skincare by a friend of a friend who is an ambassador for them. Tropic uses direct sales in which sales people (ambassadors) host party events where customers can try the products before purchasing. Sales people can also attend commercial events and have personal web-shops, where products are sold online.

There’s a reason why you won't find Tropic in any High Street store – Tropic products are sourced from fresh natural ingredients. Which is why Tropic products tend to have a shorter shelf life (around 1 year) than your regular products. Skincare products in shops generally don’t have a best before date so they can be around for years if needed. Unfortunately this means they more than not contain chemicals to keep a longer shelf life. Missing out the middle man on the High Street means the products can be freshly made every day in the their Surrey kitchen in the UK.

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After reading all about them I was eager to try them and see the results. I use most of the products I review for at least a couple of weeks so I can see how my skin reacts. Within two days I loved the results – my skin was smooth, glowing and looked great, and all the products smell amazing, you really do get a sense for all the natural ingredients. I particularly loved the Smoothing Cleansermoisturising and smells amazing, their hydrating Elixir Age-defying Omega Oil , and the Face Lift Brightening Tightening Mask which seemed to bring my skin back to life. I also trialed the Skincare Discovery Kit which is the most perfect travel size if you’re going on holiday, it has everything you would need for your essentials skincare routine.

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Here’s a little bit about the packaging and what makes this company so ethical.

Bubble wrap
Unlike traditional bubble wrap that can end up polluting landfills, all Tropic’s bubble wrap is biodegradable. It can take between 6 months to 2 years to fully decompose, depending on its exposure to oxygen. During the decomposition process it’s converted into natural gases, water and biomass, leaving no toxic residues.  

All the cardboard boxes that are used to deliver their orders are 100% recyclable and are made on average from 75% recycled materials.

They don’t use plastic tape to seal your order, instead they use gummed paper. The adhesive is a vegetable glue which is activated by water which “becomes one” with the cardboard packaging. This makes your parcel tamper-proof and more secure than traditional plastic tapes. It’s also 100% recyclable along with your cardboard packaging. 

More about Tropic
Tropic was informally established in 2004, when founder Susan Ma aged 15, sold a single body care product in Greenwich market, inspired by her upbringing of Tropical North Queensland. The company officially became incorporated in 2011 after Susan Ma took part in the seventh series of The Apprentice. Susan didn’t win but asked Alan Sugar if she could give his wife some products to trial as she had skin problems. His wife was so pleased with the results Alan Sugar invested to become a 50/50 partner in Tropic. In 2013, Tropic launched its Social Selling Business Platform with 400 founding sales people. Since then, Tropic has increased its product range to include skincare, body care, hair care, sun care, tanning serums and they have just brought out a makeup range.

100% naturally derived 
Vegan, cruelty free and marine friendly 
Free from toxic chemicals
30 day money back guarantee 
Best before date on all our products 
They offer a try before you buy service
Over 100 prestigious beauty awards. 

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