Ludovico Einaudi | Seven Days Walking

Ludovico Einaudi | Seven Days Walking - The Grown Up Edit.jpg

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Ludovico Einaudi when I was invited to see him in concert. Sadly, I couldn't go but discovering this wonderful composer has been a joy.

Whether you love classical music or not, this album is a must. It's beautiful and will stop you in your tracks and leave you completely in a trance.

The Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi is to spend the rest of this year releasing one album every month for seven months, under the umbrella title Seven Days Walking. Just released is Day One, the first part of the project which Einaudi recorded in Germany last autumn. It features the talents of Federico Mecozzi on violin/viola and Redi Hasa on cello, alongside Einaudi himself on piano. The simple combination between the percussion of the piano, which carries the melody, and the strings which add melancholic support, results in the usual intoxicatingly moving compositions.