Sale edit


Approaching sale shopping in a smart way means that you’ll get the most out of your money, walking away with great clothes and avoiding any post-purchase regrets.

by Wendy Turner

Sale shopping is a good opportunity to freshen up your wardrobe. At the very end of the sales is the perfect time to sale shop with reductions of up to 80%. It can give you that opportunity of owning something designer or high-end when otherwise that luxury item would have been unaffordable. Hopefully finding that piece you’ve always wanted but couldn’t justify spending the money on, until now! It can be hard work trawling through endless pages on-line but boy does it feel good when you find that bargain. Here I’ve picked my favourites doing the hard work for you. I’ve limited myself to a maximum of £100 hopefully making it affordable and getting the best reductions (one or two may have crept slightly over).