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Founder of Beauty Kitchen Jo Chidley, former CEO of Benefit is on a mission to create the most effective, natural and sustainable beauty products in the world. 

by Wendy Turner


More than ever, brands are being asked to state and act on their ethical values. Showing us all their flaws in a positive move towards more responsible, sustainable consumer choices. Now I’m no eco-warrior but I do take the view that every gesture is a move in the right direction and will make a difference. After meeting Jo Chidley it seems Beauty Kitchen is leading the way in natural ethical and sustainable beauty. 

Beauty Kitchen is dedicated to creating products that are 100% natural without compromising on the results. You won’t find any synthetic fragrances, parabens or sulphates here. Only the very best ingredients that nature has to offer. From the ingredients to the packaging, everything has been designed with sustainability in mind. That’s why their products are all compostable sleeves or in glass and aluminium packaging that you can  ReturnRefill Repeat. Yes they wash and reuse the bottles and jars!

99% of packaging is thrown out after just one use. Help us change that. We want you to return your empty Beauty Kitchen packaging to us. We’ll wash it and re-use it. It’s even more sustainable than recycling.
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If that’s not enough they’re also a certified B Corporation – the highest standard of social and environmental performance. This means using sustainable ingredients, giving back to the community (including 2% of their sales going to charity) – the change that people want to see in the beauty industry. 

Becoming one of the first beauty brands in the world to be a certified B Corporation is probably one of my proudest moments with Beauty Kitchen, because it’s about having a purpose and playing a part towards a much bigger goal for ourselves and future generations.
— Jo founder of the Beauty Kitchen

Here are some of my favourite products

Seahorse Plankton+ 5 Minute Miracle Mask £15.00 (now £12.00)
Whether you’re hiding signs of a late night or need a pick-me-up, this miracle mask grants a radiance boost in just five minutes. It’s loaded with a unique Micro Algae that soothes stressed out complexions while deeply hydrating skin to a youthful, dewy glow. 

Seahorse Plankton+ High Definition Facial Oil £20.00 (now £16.00)
Powered up plankton! This lightweight facial oil is supercharged with a unique complex of marine extracts that are scientifically proven to boost collagen in just 24 hours and renew your skin, leaving it super hydrated, firm and bright.

Abyssinian Oil Night Halo Potent Sleep Mask £17.50 (now £14.00)
Doing all the hard work while you do the opposite, this intensive overnight mask is infused with hydrating Abyssinian Oil and relaxing essential oils to nourish and restore skin while you catch some sleep. 

Abyssinian Oil Handbag Beauty Balm £12.00 (now £10.00)
If you’re only going to carry one beauty product in your bag from now on, make it this one. The multipurpose balm is chock-full of potent oils to hydrate and nourish your skin whether it’s used as a cleanser, moisturiser or lip balm. 

Seahorse Plankton Facial Cleansing Konjac Sponge £7.00 (now £5.60)
This 100% natural, compostable (including the packaging) sponge is made from plant roots to gently exfoliate. Vegan, 100% natural, eco-friendly, and suitable for all skin types.I t can be used on its own or with a cleansing product, helping it work harder and further if used with one.

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