Dope Lemon - Smooth Big Cat

Dope Lemon - Smooth Cat - The Grown Up Edit.JPG

Continuing to showcase his chilled out experimentation, Angus Stone dives into a psychedelic folk dream on the new Dope Lemon record.

by Wendy Turner

Angus Stone is a Sydney-based songwriter, primarily made under Angus and Julia Stone with his sister. Smooth Big Cat is the second studio album put out under his solo side project Dope Lemon.

Dope Lemon veers off from the sweet sounds he’s been putting out with his sibling. This project sees Stone less polished and more grungy - folk driven alt-rock. With his voice and guitar playing, he does his best to channel Kurt Vile. Some songs can be kind of monotonous but if you take it for what is it is you’ll have no problem getting lost in this hazy, laid back, seductive album. It’s the perfect sounds for summer while you drink a cold beer in the garden, or while you’re nursing a hangover on a sunday morning.



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