Emulsion review | Natural skin, body and haircare designed by you


Skin and haircare allowing you to tailor each product individually from function to fragrance, creating a truly personal product for all your needs.

by Wendy Turner


Imagine your perfect face cream, all-natural and good for your skin. Where you could choose to add a brightening booster for when your skin is feeling dull, or an essential blend for when it’s dehydrated, Emulsion can do just that. Consisting of a number of base products – necessities that we all use day in, day out – such as cleansers, serums, moisturisers, shower gels and even shampoos and conditioners to name but a few. Completely unscented and free from actives, each product is essentially a blank canvas upon which you can create and customise your very own products from scratch, simply by mixing and matching the add-ons and that's where you can really go to town. They’ve curated the ideal capsule skin wardrobe, from serums to shampoos, that you can customise yourself for your specific needs that day to exactly match your mood, as well as your skin, body and hair requirements.

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Each one of their bases can be used as they are, it’s up to you if you want to customise, and how. From Essential Blends – like, a mix of rose oil, carrot seed, bitter orange and lavender to nourish skin and hair, to add-ons such as Deep Sea Secret Extract – containing aqua, Seaweed Extract, benzyl alcohol, It’s properties have been known to help nourish and soothe inflamed skin. That's before we've touched on the all-natural Exfoliants, which include coffee grinds, seeds and whole, dried flower buds. If you need any guidance they have a great system on-line that you can follow, it will help you identify your beauty needs. Plus they have a personal shopper on live chat that can help you with how Emulsion works.

Through our wide range of products and add-ons you can find the right blend for you, beginning with our core set of bases and adding the perfect boost. If you’re having a bad hair day, suffering dry skin from the change in season or air-con, whatever it is, simply choose a base, mix in one or more of the add-ons, and personalise your care.
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I love using natural skincare and it was refreshing with Emulsion products to have scents that aren’t overpowering and you control. Their Super Berry Extract was one of my favourites. It was a great alternative to using a serum. It has a blend of hydrating antioxidants and restorative anti-ageing properties, which have been known to benefit both skin and hair. I followed it with their fragrance free Face Cream Base which contains vitamin E and aloe vera, suitable for all skin types and also hydrating. Their Eye Cream With Revital Eye contains a complex of probiotics, greentea, pomegranate and caffeine which helped to reduce the darkness in the corners of my eyes. Emulsion products are vegan except their conditioner which contains honey. This means they never test on animals. They not only design beautiful packaging but also try to use as much recyclable materials as possible. I will enjoy using Emulsion products and having them on display in my bathroom. 

Each ingredient in our Emulsion products is handpicked, chosen from hundreds of scents and extracts to ensure premium quality in everything we make. Let us know how we can help you hydrate, wake up radiant or thicken a mane of glossy locks and we’ll suggest blends for you, starting with our core set of Bases and adding the perfect boost.


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