Get lippy

Image: Jungle magazine. Photographer Rachel Smith. Make up Wendy Turner.

Image: Jungle magazine. Photographer Rachel Smith. Make up Wendy Turner.

Red lipstick is timeless and an all season look. With fresh glowing skin and minimal eye makeup it’s one of the key looks for this spring/summer. So much so, that even the darker reds that you usually only see in winter, have made an appearance on the catwalks. Just keep it matt! 

I’m a big fan of red lipstick as a make-up artist and at work I constantly use it.  However, strangely, on a personal level I’ve always shied away from it. Constantly, I had an exuse: my lips are a strange shape, I look like a clown, it makes my teeth look yellow. When really I just don’t think I was brave enough. Last year there was no getting away from it, I’d been invited to a wedding and the theme was vintage, so out came the hair tongs and red lippy. As it turned out I loved it and haven’t stopped wearing it ever since. Now I feel more confident with a statement lip, it brightens up my skin tone and outfit, especially on a dull day. All you have to do is get the right red to match your skin tone and that’s where I come in. 

Here’s The Grown Up Edit's quick tip to help understand your skin tone be it either cool, warm or neutral: if you like to wear silver jewellery then you should chose the cool, blue reds. If you like to wear gold then you should chose the warm, orange reds. If you suit both, then you are neutral and can wear almost any shade of red. Pink reds can be tricky to chose as they can be either warm or cold, depending on the shade.


Blue reds

Fair, medium, complexion

Dark hair, dark blue eyes

Blonde hair, brown eyes

Dark complexion, dark hair

 Orange reds

Yellow, warm complexion

Blonde hair, brown eyes

Dark hair, brown eyes

Red heads

Pink reds

Light to medium complexions

Blonde, blue or green eyes

Golden hair, hazel or green eyes


My last recommendation is my favourite red to work with, it’s a true red which means it has cold and warm undertones so generally will suit anyone! 

MAC Ruby Woo £15.50