Hanacure | All-in-one home facial review


Here’s a home facial that took me from looking like a horror movie character to the best my skin’s looked in five years.

by Wendy Turner


My dream beauty scenario has always been to achieve the results of a great facial without leaving the house. Of course this helps financially but it’s more about being time-poor, after all a three hour window for some beautifying is not a priority. Imagine if all the serums, creams, and treatments in your beauty cabinet could be bottled up into a single product? Well, that's essentially the claim behind Hanacure’s at-home facial from South Korea.

This all-in-one treatment claims to address multiple signs of ageing — from wrinkles to hyper-pigmentation to loss of elasticity. One scroll through their Instagram testimonial page and it’s clear to see the #HanacureEffect. Which is exactly how I first found this product. Drew Barrymore posted a picture on Instagram using Hanacure and loved the results. I’m not usually that easily led by celebrities but she looks amazing for her age and I have a slight girl crush on her.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore

What is it?
To put it simply, the All-In-One Facial is a gel mask. Inspired by the lotus flower – in many Asian cultures it resembles blossoming anew each dawn. The product is designed to have renewing and rejuvenating effects. After developing it for three years, the company's founders launched Hanacure in January of 2017 with the promise that with one use a week for four weeks you'd see visible, age-reversing results. The All-In-One Facial is designed to fight the most common skin concerns. By removing impurities, the skin is reinvigorated and will appear firm and lifted, smoother and more evenly toned leaving you with a radiant youthful glow. And all this without unnecessary chemicals or testing on animals.

  • Formulated without sulphates, parabens, phthalates

  • Dermatologist tested

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Vegan

  • Gluten-Free

  • Not tested on animals

Hanacure 2.png
Hanacure1 .png

How does it work?
The mask addresses multiple skin concerns at once in just 30 minutes. While the brand keeps their formula private, we do know it contains four different peptides (known for their skin firming abilities) and several botanical extracts including green tea, honeysuckle, and of course lotus leaf extract. 

Once you’ve cleansed and dried your face, it’s time to mix up the formula – peel back the foil on the gelling solution package (just peeling away the corner) then pour in the lifting serum. Re-cover the solution with the foil and shake the container as instructed for 20 seconds. The next step is to apply an even layer all over your face, neck, and hands with the brush. Avoiding your eyes and lips.

Expect an intense tightening sensation within 10 minutes or less. Sure enough, the formula started to firm up on my skin. While I knew there would be tightening, I hadn’t expected this much intensity from an at-home mask. I'd anticipated something of a traditional peel-off mask or a clay mask —restrictive but not immobilising. Hanacure makes it impossible to talk, which is difficult if you know me. This is normal and only temporary while the mask is working. My husband, typically unphased by my beauty experiments, watched fascinated as I slowly transformed into something from a horror movie. I couldn’t stop checking myself out in the mirror, engrossed in what was happening with my face, I looked hideous!

Once the 30 minutes is up, rinse your face and apply the Nano solution to sooth your skin. You may experience redness of up to 90 minutes. This is only temporary and due to an increase in blood circulation. 

The results
I was amazed by the results. Post-treatment my complexion has never looked better, leaving me with incredibly soft skin. My cheeks and jaw seemed firmer, my skin tone more even, and my skin was definitely tighter around my neck area. The results lasted for a week I’d say. Hanacure do advise that you should use it once a week for four weeks for longer term results. I only used Hanacure for two consecutive weeks and then wanted to save the other two treatments for a special occasion. I’ve so much confidence in this product that I’ve decided to order it again for the maximum results.

I can’t recommend this product enough if you need to give yourself and your skin a boost. It’s something I’ll always have it in my cupboard for a special occasion or when my skin looks lifeless in the depths of winter. My husband can also vouch for the results. After returning home from work and seeing my skin he accused me of beautifying myself all day instead of working on my TGUE. In his words “Your skin looks incredible”. If you're not entirely convinced, there's a £22.45 ($29) starter kit that you can test out before you commit. There’s a little import tax on this but I’d say it’s worth every penny.  

Hanacure 3.png

Before and after one treatment

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